I continue to train under my Instructor, Colin Mowatt, 4th Dan at Bishop's Stortford & Epping TKD. While Dunmow TKD begins to grow, we shall have a close affiliation with Colin's clubs and some of his students may well join our classes and assist with our development, as well as their own.


I started Taekwon-do in October 2012 along with my son, who was 15 at the time. He has Asperger's Syndrome and dispraxia and I had heard that Taekwon-do was good at instilling focus and control. I signed him up and as an afterthought decided that I would try it as well. Little did I know that I would love it! Seven years on, I have managed to achieve my Black Belt 2nd Dan, become a qualified TAGB Instructor, won medals at National Competitions, been on Taekwon-do summer camps and train up to three times a week.
It is no understatement to say that Taekwon-do has saved my life. Back in 2012 I was heavily overweight, most likely very close to diabetes and extremely unfit. These days I am over 60lbs lighter and in my best physical condition since my twenties. I am proof that Taekwon-do is suitable for anyone. Even with my limited abilities and advancing years it can be done! I am incredibly excited about setting up my own club and passing on my enthusiasm for this sport that that has given me so much.


Every year on the second weekend of May, there is Summer Camp. Camp has been pivotal in my TKD journey and remains my favourite weekend of the year. The camp is run by Masters Miles Lutwyche and Terry ReAd, each 6th Dan respectively and takes place in Valley Farm Caravan Park, Clacton-on-sea. Each day comprises of three training sessions focussing on all aspects of fitness, martial arts and personal development. At least one session takes place on the beach with a variety of endurance and stamina games, with the remainder at a near by Leisure Centre. It is a great weekend and attracts clubs from all over the region, and further afield! The campsite has ample facilities for leisure time and we all tend to meet in the clubhouse on the Saturday night for fancy dress - often to the suprise and amusement of other holiday goers!