Dunmow & Braintree Taekwon-Do

Join our award-nominated, inclusive martial arts community!

Welcome to Dunmow & Braintree Taekwon-Do, a fully inclusive Martial Arts Club with a vibrant membership of all ages and abilities. We have students aged 4-65+, with many families training together. Our mission is to improve fitness, flexibility, self-confidence, and mental health. Join our welcoming community and discover the benefits of Taekwon-Do for yourself. Whether you're a complete beginner or have experience, we have classes tailored for your level, making it accessible to everyone. Start your journey to a healthier and more confident you with Dunmow & Braintree Taekwon-Do.


  • Unleash Your Potential with Us!

- We welcome students aged 4-65+ and encourage families to train together, fostering a sense of unity and support.

- With a proven track record for developing character, our club offers much more than physical training, instilling values such as discipline, respect, and perseverance.

  • Nominated for Essex award

We are honoured to have been nominated for Sports Club of the Year by Active Essex, recognizing our commitment to inclusivity and our track record of improving wellbeing.

Our dedicated instructors have years of experience and are passionate about helping students of all abilities reach their full potential, providing a safe and supportive training environment.


Helena Romanes School

Parsonage Downs, Great Dunmow,
Essex. CM6 2AU

  • Every Thursday 6-8pm
  • Every Sunday 10am-Midday

Barnston Village Hall

Chelmsford Road, Barnston, Great Dunmow, Essex. CM6 1LR

  • Every Monday 5.00-6.00pm
  • Every Tuesday 7:20-8:20pm

 Taekwon-Do: Championing All Ages!

As a club, we are passionate about pushing boundaries and achieving excellence. That's why we actively participate in regional and national competitions, consistently showcasing our skills and dedication. Our commitment to training has paid off, as we have proudly brought home gold medals from every competition we have entered. However, to continue our journey of success, we are currently seeking sponsorship. With your support, we can ensure that our members receive the necessary resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and make their mark in the martial arts community.


Cheryl and Matt Howard, our experienced Club Instructors, have been leading the charge for the past three years. Rest assured, our instructors are DBS certified and registered with the Taekwon-do Association of Great Britain, ensuring a safe and professional training environment for all.

Matt Howard

3rd Degree Black Belt

Tiki D'Tiger

Club Mascot

Cheryl Howard

2nd Degree Black Belt


Honestly I love our club so much. It's like a whole other family. We were new to the area when we joined and it has created a whole network of support and love for the kids (and us)

– Student

Thank you SO much for tonight. It's the first time I've felt proud of myself for so long, and I felt like I found a bit of me again.

– Student

...she really has blossomed with Taekwondo and we have had a lot of trauma in the family with illness the last 6 months , and she has struggled with anxiety everyday💛but the 1 good constant in her life is Taekwondo💛💛

– Parent